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[..]<DIR>18.11.2011 10:13
revit0001 Welcomemov14280.26 KB18.07.2011 13:04
revit0002 Using the exercise filesmov465.20 KB18.07.2011 13:04
revit0101 Introducing building information modeling (BIM)mov18567.31 KB18.07.2011 13:09
revit0102 Working in one model with many viewsmov8831.91 KB18.07.2011 13:11
revit0103 Understanding Revit element hierarchymov5602.45 KB18.07.2011 13:13
revit0201 Using the Recent Files screen and the Application menumov3663.15 KB18.07.2011 13:14
revit0202 Using the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)mov6665.43 KB18.07.2011 13:16
revit0203 Understanding context ribbonsmov3383.54 KB18.07.2011 13:17
revit0204 Using the Project Browser and navigating viewsmov15905.74 KB18.07.2011 13:22
revit0205 Using the Properties palettemov12459.86 KB18.07.2011 13:25
revit0206 Selection and modification basicsmov11638.43 KB18.07.2011 13:28
revit0207 Accessing Revit optionsmov9626.18 KB18.07.2011 13:31
revit0301 Creating a new projectmov4095.02 KB18.07.2011 13:56
revit0302 Understanding the importance of template filesmov7062.41 KB18.07.2011 13:58
revit0303 Understanding project settingsmov7461.49 KB18.07.2011 14:00
revit0304 Opening and saving projectsmov12112.23 KB18.07.2011 14:03
revit0305 Adding levelsmov6067.12 KB18.07.2011 14:05
revit0306 Adding gridsmov10003.62 KB18.07.2011 14:08
revit0307 Adding columnsmov5216.75 KB18.07.2011 14:09
revit0401 Adding wallsmov9652.42 KB18.07.2011 14:14
revit0402 Using snapsmov7879.07 KB18.07.2011 14:17
revit0403 Understanding wall properties and wall typesmov9013.88 KB18.07.2011 14:19
revit0404 Locating wallsmov8481.62 KB18.07.2011 14:22
revit0405 Using the modify toolsmov8938.19 KB18.07.2011 14:24
revit0406 Adding doors and windowsmov9878.36 KB18.07.2011 14:27
revit0407 Using constraintsmov5962.32 KB18.07.2011 14:34
revit0408 Adding plumbing fixtures and other componentsmov5870.91 KB18.07.2011 14:35
revit0409 Using Autodesk Seekmov6091.35 KB18.07.2011 14:37
revit0501 Working with DWG filesmov8523.12 KB18.07.2011 14:43
revit0502 Creating topography from a DWG linkmov9480.67 KB18.07.2011 14:46
revit0503 Understanding CAD insertsmov8453.75 KB18.07.2011 14:48
revit0504 Using import tipsmov5521.77 KB18.07.2011 14:50
revit0505 Creating a groupmov11708.19 KB18.07.2011 14:53
revit0506 Working with Revit linksmov11915.94 KB18.07.2011 14:56
revit0507 Managing linksmov6665.47 KB18.07.2011 14:58
revit0508 Understanding file formatsmov3898.11 KB18.07.2011 14:59
revit0601 Working with floorsmov9850.31 KB18.07.2011 15:06
revit0602 Working with footprint roofsmov8286.79 KB18.07.2011 15:08
revit0603 Working with extrusion roofsmov8722.12 KB18.07.2011 15:10
revit0604 Roof modifications and examplesmov8226.83 KB18.07.2011 15:13
revit0605 Working with slope arrowsmov10178.90 KB18.07.2011 15:15
revit0606 Adding openingsmov11303.02 KB18.07.2011 15:19
revit0607 Working with stairsmov9959.09 KB18.07.2011 15:21
revit0608 Working with railingsmov6082.74 KB18.07.2011 15:23
revit0609 Working with ceilingsmov9247.99 KB18.07.2011 15:26
revit0701 Creating a custom basic wall typemov7240.82 KB18.07.2011 16:10
revit0702 Understanding stacked wallsmov8697.02 KB18.07.2011 16:13
revit0703 Adding curtain wallsmov10268.45 KB18.07.2011 16:16
revit0704 Adding curtain grids, mullions, and panelsmov10480.80 KB18.07.2011 16:19
revit0705 Creating wall sweepsmov11552.18 KB18.07.2011 16:22
revit0801 Using object stylesmov7527.74 KB18.07.2011 16:31
revit0802 Working with visibility - graphic overridesmov9728.46 KB18.07.2011 16:33
revit0803 Using Hide - Isolatemov8802.10 KB18.07.2011 16:36
revit0804 Understanding view rangemov10264.45 KB18.07.2011 16:39
revit0805 Using the Linework toolmov5055.31 KB18.07.2011 16:40
revit0806 Using cutaway viewsmov3256.56 KB18.07.2011 16:41
revit0901 Adding roomsmov8306.87 KB18.07.2011 16:47
revit0902 Controlling room numberingmov9623.44 KB18.07.2011 16:50
revit0903 Understanding room bounding elementsmov7623.79 KB18.07.2011 16:52
revit1001 Understanding tagsmov10519.12 KB18.07.2011 16:55
revit1002 Adding schedulesmov8523.46 KB18.07.2011 16:57
revit1003 Modifying schedulesmov7552.35 KB18.07.2011 17:00
revit1004 Creating a key schedulemov8428.02 KB18.07.2011 17:02
revit1101 Adding textmov9546.06 KB18.07.2011 17:06
revit1102 Adding dimensionsmov12417.82 KB18.07.2011 17:09
revit1103 Adding symbolsmov5610.27 KB18.07.2011 17:11
revit1104 Adding legend viewsmov7138.97 KB18.07.2011 17:13
revit1105 Creating a detail calloutmov7620.82 KB18.07.2011 17:24
revit1106 Using detail componentsmov12149.67 KB18.07.2011 17:28
revit1107 Adding filled and masking regionsmov12005.56 KB18.07.2011 17:31
revit1201 Understanding familiesmov15325.36 KB18.07.2011 17:44
revit1202 Using reference planes, parameters, and constraintsmov13063.47 KB18.07.2011 17:48
revit1203 Adding solid geometrymov10673.33 KB18.07.2011 17:51
revit1204 Adding void geometrymov5858.59 KB18.07.2011 17:52
revit1205 Completing the familymov11393.83 KB18.07.2011 17:56
revit1301 Adding sheetsmov9757.84 KB18.07.2011 17:58
revit1302 Working with placeholder sheetsmov4578.05 KB18.07.2011 18:00
revit1303 Outputting sheets to a DWF filemov7659.75 KB18.07.2011 18:02
revit1304 Exporting to AutoCADmov8234.03 KB18.07.2011 18:04
revit1305 Plotting and creating a PDFmov8527.43 KB18.07.2011 18:06
revit1401 Goodbyemov6176.86 KB18.07.2011 18:12